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Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records

Arizona State Retention Schedules

Arizona Ombudsman's Office

Arizona Public Records Law

Arizona Secretary of State

Notary Public

Uniform Crime Reporting

UCR Handbook

PRI Management Group

Public Safety Information Compliance Solutions

Arizona Department of Public Safety

Arizona State Troopers

2019 National Incident-Based Reporting System

NIBRS User Manual

Arizona Criminal Justice Commission

A Conduit Between Criminal Justice Agencies and Citizens

Arizona Department of Corrections

Department of Corrections

State Attorney General
Agency Handbook

Chapter 6: Public Records

Arizona Secretary of State

Arizona Administrative Code

Arizona State Legislature

Arizona Revised Statutes

Our Sister Organizations in other states:


California Law Enforcement Association of Records Supervisors


The Law Enforcement Records Management Association, Inc. (Michigan) 


Law Enforcement Records Managers of Illinois


Montana Law Enforcement Information and Records Association

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