We have had 2 great trainings in 2017 and are preparing for our 6th annual AZLERMA conference which will be hosted by Peoria PD on November 1st and 2nd.   We finally have a full board and we are working hard to make sure the training and workshops are related to law enforcement records functions and leadership training.

We undertook some long range projects this year, to include:
Creating a “best practices” guide for redaction of law enforcement reports.  We are still working on this project and hope to have a draft out to the organization before the conference.

We are in the process of requesting the Governor of Arizona declare a Records Personnel Recognition Day.   A committee worked on the verbiage needed.  The request has been submitted and now we wait for a response to our request.  We will keep you posted.

Things to look forward to before the end of the year:

Voting for board member positions (1st Vice President, Secretary)
Suggested changes to the organizational Bylaws will be sent out to voting members to be ratified or rejected.